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DVD Transfers

International Conversions

Video Duplications

Only $9.99 for 2 hours of video transferred to DVD!  

International Videotape Format Conversions -
To or from PAL, SECAM, NTSC - From $4.95 up
! See our international guide to determine the format needed for the country you wish to communicate with.

US (NTSC) format Video Duplications and US format Conversions-
From $4.95 up ! S-VHS; VHS; VHS-C; 8mm; Hi-8; 1/2" Reel

Audio Duplications A high speed audio duplication costs less than most printed brochures...but has 10 times the impact. From $.49 up depending on length & quantity

Film Transfers to Video or DVD

8mm; Super 8mm; 16mm film

Film to Video or DVD Transfers
10 Cents per foot plus $15 setup ($19.95 Minimum)

 Film Reel















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